Blewett Falls Lake

March 8, 2012


If you like fishing in areas without crowds, noise and the constant hum of jet skis, it’s high time you found your way to Blewett Falls Lake in Richmond County. Anglers from all over, once they’ve procured their requisite North Carolina fishing license, are ready to take on these quiet streams, creeks, lakes, dams and waterways in the hopes of re-catching the “one” that got away last year.

There is always a quaint spot down the road just waiting for the weekend angler. And if you live within a short distance of Richmond County, Blewett Falls Lake is the place. Local fishing guide Robbie Burr grew up in the Sandhills region of North Carolina and runs his own charter service under the banner, Pee Dee Fishing Adventures. Burr has fished Blewett Falls Lake for over 20 years and if anyone knows the ins and outs of this pristine location, it’s him.

“I’ve developed a real love of fishing here,” says Burr.  “For me it began as a hobby, but more and more folks started asking me to take them with me, so I began my guided fishing trips.”  Burr is quick to comment on the advantages of fishing a local spot like Blewett Falls Lake in Richmond County. “The biggest thing, I guess, is the peacefulness of it—it’s just never crowded here like some other places I’ve been. You get a real calm solitude on the water with the lake to yourself.  Blewett Falls isn’t over-fished and there are plenty of types of fish to go after. There are plenty of Blue Cats and Flatheads out here—big ones.”

Burr has become well known for his prowess in guiding clients on Blewett Falls Lake. Though it has hazards such as old stumps and—at times–a fluctuating water level, Burr has the entire surface mapped out on his personal GPS system.  Burr has twice been featured on televised fishing segments for UNC-TV’s Carolina Outdoor Journal, with host Joe Albea. He averages about 125 guided fishing tours each season, the busiest of which runs from February to June each calendar year.

Robbie Burr has done quite a bit of fishing in his lifetime and, like most other anglers, does have a fish tale about the one that got away. “I’ll tell anyone that’ll listen that I had a big catfish hooked one time on a 100-lb. test line. That one broke one of my rod holders in the boat and took the entire rig with him—wherever he ended up.” The North Carolina state record for a Blue Catfish is 89 lbs. and the record for a Flathead Catfish is 72 lbs. “I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if the next state record is caught right here in Blewett Falls Lake,” he added.

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